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Christina Kenney

Creative Specialist



1503 Macdonald Ave

Suite A

Richmond, CA 94801

Creator | Strategist | Emcee

Infectiously joyous and full of unrivaled creativity - what's up! I am Christina.


Over the past 7 years I have served in every way a creative could: a freelance photographer for a community festival; a freelance short-video content creator for the economic development alliance; freelance social media manager for a food festival; a resident MC and Brand Manager for a nightlife brand; the Director of Digital Media Marketing for a non-profit coworking space, resident content creator for an event management company; freelance content creator for Trinidad Carnival, creative director of a glam shoot for a beauty spa, Brand Manager for a cannabinoid name it, I have done it.


And I absolutely love doing it.

I've had the opportunity to create for amazing brands with amazing stories and I cannot wait to create with you. Check out my resume below, portfolio of work, and let's get acquainted. 

We may be a perfect fit! 

Creative Experience

The Creative

- 17 years of photography experience: festivals, events, community events, corporate photography, product photography, food photography
- 7 years of content creation experience (long-form video content, short-form video content, photography, Canva master)
- Experience concepting, creating, and posting brand content across owned social channels
- Experience creating original and remixed content (evergreen): Original: capturing / shooting video and/or photography on mobile phones. Remix: working with existing footage and/or photography to create remixed assets
- Comfortability working with in-app tools to create original content — e.g., filters, sounds, visual effects, etc.
- Master of app video editing: DaVinci & Capcut
- Proficiency in hands-on content creation, handling production and creative execution
- Extensive experience concepting and executing original content across TikTok, Instagram (Reels, Stories, Feed), YouTube (including Shorts), and other emerging platforms.

The Strategist

- Extensive knowledge and mastery of social channel mechanics, best practices, and building engagement (LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok).
- Experience developing content + social media strategies in alignment to the client's brand voice, values, and audience
- Take ownership of all aspects of the digital asset management system
- Direct, manage and inspires an in-house, multi-disciplinary team to successfully deliver on a range of creative services at an innovative, thoughtful, tactical and strategic level.
- Expert knowledge in brand development, management, and strategy 

- Creator of "Brand Therapy" a trademark pending brand development curriculum for creatives, small businesses, and enterprises
- Offer general creative and brand consulting services

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